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Шифр: J18/2003/169/2

JOURNAL of UROLOGY [Текст]. - New York. - Выходит ежемесячно
2003г. Vol. 169 N 2
Gillenwater, J. Y. This month in clinical urology / J.Y. Gillenwater. - P.431-432
Atala, A. This month in investigative urology / A. Atala. - P.433-434
Vaidya, A. Surgical techniques for treating a renal neoplasm invading the inferior vena cava / A. Vaidya, G. Ciancio, M. Soloway. - P.435-444
Karazanashvili, G. Prastate specific antigen and human glandular kallikrein 2 in early detection of prostate cancer / G. Karazanashvili, P.-A. Abrahamsson. - P.445-457
Engel, R. M.E. Hugh Hampton Young : Father of American urology / R.M.E. Engel. - P.458-464
Pak, C. Y.C. Prevention of stone fprmation and bone loss in absorptive hypercalciuria by combined dietary and pharmacological interventions / C.Y.C. Pak, H.J. Heller, M.S. Pearle. - P.465-469
Heller, H. J. Effect dietary calcium on stone forming propensity / H.J. Heller, M.F. Doerner, L.J. Brinkley et al. - P.470-474
Другие авторы: Doerner M.F., Brinkley L.J., Adams-Huet B., Pak C.Y.C.
Nadler, R. B. The etiology of urolithiasis in HIV infected patients / R.B. Nadler, J.N. Rubenstein, S.E. Eggener. - P.475-477
Coe, F. L. Editorial : Something new about stones / F.L. Coe. - P.478-479
Hemal, A. K. Minimally invasive retroperitoneoscopic ureterolithotomy / A.K. Hemal, A. Goel, R. Goel. - P.480-482
Guillonneau, B. Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for renal tumor : Single center experience comparing clamping and no clamping techniques of the renal vasculature / B. Guillonneau, H. Bermudez, S. Gholami. - P.483-486
Desai, M. M. Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy for cancer with level I renal vein involvement / M.M. Desai, S. Gill, A.P. Ramani. - P.487-491
Lorenzo-Romero, J. G. Prognostic implications of p53 gtnt mutations in blsdder tumors / J.G. Lorenzo-Romero, A.S. Salinas-Sanchez, J.M. Gimenez-Bachs. - P.492-499
Bissada, N. K. Multi-institutional long-term experience with conservative surgery for invasive penile carcinoma / N.K. Bissada, H.H. Yakout, W.E. Fahmy. - P.500-502
Evans, C. P. Does retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy for testicular germ cell tumor require a different approach in the presence of horseshoe kidney ? / C.P. Evans, H.S.G.R. Tunuguntla, A. Saffarian, Wood C.G. - P.503-506
Другие авторы: Tunuguntla H.S.G.R., Saffarian A., Wood C.G.
Jenkins, D. J. Soy consumption and phytoestrogens : effect on serum prostate specific antigen when blood lipids and oxidized low-density lipoprotein are reduced in hyperlipidemic men / D.J. Jenkins, C.W. Kendall, M.A. D'Costa et al. - P.507-511
Другие авторы: Kendall C.W., D'Costa M.A., Jackson C.-J., Vidgen E., Singer W.
Roberts, W. W. Association of cigarette smoking with extraprostatic prostate cancer in young men / W.W. Roberts, E.A. Platz, P.C. Walsh. - P.512-516
Han, M. Biochemical ( Prostate specific antigen) recurrence probability following radical prostatectomy for clinically localized prostate cancer / M. Han, A.W. Partin, M. Zahurak et al. - P.517-523
Другие авторы: Partin A.W., Zahurak M., Piantadosi S., Epstein J.I., Walsh P.C.
Wang, L. -J. Imaging findings of urinary tuberculosis on excretory urography and computerized tomography / L.-J. Wang, C.-F. Wu, Y.-C. Wong. - P.524-528
Flisser, A. J. Urodynamic classification of patients with symptoms of overactive bladder / A.J. Flisser, K. Walmsley, J.G. Blaivas. - P.529-534
Nunzio, de C. The evolution of detrusor overactivity after watchful waiting, medical therapy and surgery in patients with bladder outlet obstruction / de C. Nunzio, G. Franco, A. Rocchegiani. - P.535-539
Elbadawi, A. Structural basis of neurogenic bladder dysfunction. I.Methods of prospective ultrastructural study and overview of the findings / A. Elbadawi, N.M. Resnick, J. Dorsam et al. - P.540-546
Другие авторы: Resnick N.M., Dorsam J., Yalla S.V., Haferkamp A.
Haferkamp, A. Structural basis of neurogenic bladder dysfunction . II.Myogenic basis of detrusor hyperreflexia / A. Haferkamp, J. Dorsam, N.M. Resnick. - P.547-554
Haferkamp, A. Structural basis of neurogenic bladder dysfunction. III. Intrinsic detrusor innervation / A. Haferkamp, J. Dorsam, N.M. Resnick et al. - P.555-562
Другие авторы: Dorsam J., Resnick N.M., Yalla S.V., Elbadawi A.
Leng, W. W. Obstructive uropathy induced bladder dysfunction can be reversible : Bladder compliance measures before and after treatment / W.W. Leng, E.J. McGuire. - P.563-566
Saffarian, A. Urethral atrophy after urinary sphincter placement : is cuff downsizing effective ? / A. Saffarian, K. Walsh, I.K. Walsh, Stone A.R. - P.567-569
Другие авторы: Walsh K., Walsh I.K., Stone A.R.
Volkmer, B. G. Surgical intervention for complications of the tension-free vaginal tape procedure / B.G. Volkmer, T. Nesslaauer, L. Rinnab et al. - P.570-574
Другие авторы: Nesslaauer T., Rinnab L., Schradin T., Hautmann R.E., Gottfried H.-W.
Sherwood, J. B. Heterogeneity of 5 alfa-reductase gene expression in benign prostatic hyperplasia / J.B. Sherwood, J.D. McConnell, D.J. Vazques. - P.575-579
Turner, J. A. Validity and responsiveness of the national institutes of health chronic prostatitis symptom index / J.A. Turner, M.A. Ciol, von M. Korff, Berger R. - P.580-583
Другие авторы: Ciol M.A., Korff von M., Berger R.
Lee, J. C. Prostate biopsy culture findings of men with chronic pelvic pain syndrome do not differ from those of healthy controls / J.C. Lee, C.H. Muller, I. Rothman. - P.584-588
Carver, B. S. The prevalence of men with national institutes of health category IV prostatitis and association with serum prostate specific antigen / B.S. Carver, C.B. Bozeman, B.J. Williams. - P.589-591
Chean, P. Y. Terazosin therapy for chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome : A randomized, placebo controlled trial / P.Y. Chean, M.L. Liong, K.H. Yuen. - P.592-596
Schaeffer, A. J. Editorial : Emerging concepts in the management of prostatitis| chronic pelvic pain syndrome / A.J. Schaeffer. - P.597-598
Chien, G. W. Corporeal plication for the treatment of congenital penile curvature / G.W. Chien, S.R. Aboseif. - P.599-602
Khadra, A. A. Efficiency of percutaneous testicular sperm aspiration as a mode of sperm collection for intracytoplasmic sperm injection in nonobstructive azoospermia / A.A. Khadra, I. Abdulhadi, S. Ghunain, Kilani Z. - P.603-605
Другие авторы: Abdulhadi I., Ghunain S., Kilani Z.
Pascual, L. A. Tissue expander enhanced onlay Island flap in the repair of severe hypospadias / L.A. Pascual, J.C. Btnegas, C.R. Cuevas. - P.606
Sperandeo, G. Transrectal ultrasonography for the early diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the prostate : A new maneuver designed to improve the differentiation of malignant and benign lesions / G. Sperandeo, M. Sperandeo, M. Morcaldi et al. - P.607-610
Другие авторы: Sperandeo M., Morcaldi M., Caturelli E., Dimitri L., Camagna A.
Grayson, W. Eccrine porocarcinoma of the penis / W. Grayson, J.S. Loubser. - P.611-612
Itakura, H. Rhabdomyolysis from cytochrome P-450 interaction of ketoconazole and simvastation in prostate cancer / H. Itakura, D. Vaughn, D.G. Haller, O'Dwyer P.J. - P.613
Другие авторы: Vaughn D., Haller D.G., O'Dwyer P.J.
Nakano, M. Spontaneous ruptured adrenal artery aneurysm / M. Nakano, T. Takada, Y. Takahashi. - P.614
Kumar, R. Repair of testicular artery injury during microsurgical varicocelectomy / R. Kumar, S.C. Dash, S. Thulkar. - P.615-616
Liou, L. S. Dermal graft repaair of Peyronie's disease complicated by epidermoid cyst / L.S. Liou, D.K. Montague, K.W. Angermeter. - P.617-618
Rosenblum, N. Herpes zoster following sacral nerve stimulation for overactive bladder / N. Rosenblum, K.S. Eilber, S. Raz. - P.619-620
Hohtnfeller, R. Letters to the editor : Re : Combined urinary and fecal diversion using no bowel anastomosis technique / R. Hohtnfeller. - P.621
Drake, M. J. Letters to the editor : Re : Topography of vanilloid receptor in human bladder : More than just nerve fibers / M.J. Drake. - P.621
Errata : Insulin III gene. - P.622
Errata : Primary synovial sarcoma of penic. - P.622
Errata: Immediate versus deferred androgen supression in prostate cancer ( Reply by author). - P.622
Cachat, F. Hypercalcemia in neonate with obstructive uropathy / F. Cachat, A. Tufro. - P.624
Tash, J. A. The role of partial nephrectomy in the treatment of pediatric renal hypertension / J.A. Tash, J.A. Stock, M.K. Hanna. - P.625-628
Al-Busaidy, S. S. Pediatric staghorn calculi : The role of extracorporeal shock wale lithotripsy monotherapy with special refference to ureteral stenting / S.S. Al-Busaidy, A.R. Prem, M. Medhat. - P.629-633
Rizvi, S. A.H. Management of pediatric urolithiasis in Pakistan : experience with 1,440 children / S.A.H. Rizvi, S.A.A. Naqvi, Z. Hussain et al. - P.634-637
Другие авторы: Naqvi S.A.A., Hussain Z., Hashmi A., Hussain M., Zafar M.N., Sultan S., Mehdi H.
Robinson, B. C. Comparison of laparoscopic versus open partial nephrectomy in a pediatric series / B.C. Robinson, B.W. Snow, P.C. Cartwright. - P.638-640
Moog, R. Functional evaluation by quantitative dimercaptosuccinic acid scintigraaphy after kidney trauma in children / R. Moog, F. Becmeur, E. Dutson. - P.641-644
Thomas, A. D. Spontaneous regression of cystic dysplasia of the testis / A.D. Thomas, H.-Y. Wu, D.A. Canning. - P.645
Handel, L. N. Males with Down's syndrome and nonneurogenic neurogenic bladder / L.N. Handel, A. Barqawi, P. Checa et al. - P.646-649
Другие авторы: Barqawi A. , Checa P., Furness P.D., Koyle M.A.
Herndon, C. D.A. The Indiana experience with artificial urinary sphincters in children and young adults / C.D.A. Herndon, R.C. Rink, M.B.K. Shaw et al. - P.650-654
Другие авторы: Rink R.C., Shaw M.B.K., Simmons G.R., Cain M.P., Kaefer M., Casale A.J.
Kakizaki, H. Diameter of the external urethral sphincter as a predictor of detrusor-sphincter in coordination in children : Comparative study of voiding cystourethrography / H. Kakizaki, K. Moriya, K. Ameda et al. - P.655-658
Другие авторы: Moriya K., Ameda K., Shibata T., Tanaka H., Koyanagi T.
Rusnack, S. L. Testis histopatology in boys with cryptorchidism correlates with future fertility potential / S.L. Rusnack, H.-Y. Wu, D.S. Huff. - P.659-662
Sessions, A. E. Testicular torsion : Direction, degree, duration and disinformation / A.E. Sessions, R. Rabinowitz, W.C. Hulbert et al. - P.663-665
Другие авторы: Rabinowitz R., Hulbert W.C., Goldstein M.M., Mevorach R.A.
Riccabona, M. Optimizing the operative treatment of boys with varicocele : sequential comparison of 4 techniques / M. Riccabona, J. Oswald, M. Koen et al. - P.666-668
Другие авторы: Oswald J., Koen M., Radmayr C., Bartsch G.
CME Enrollment form and questioonnaire. - P.670-674
Munro, N. P. Fibroblast growth factors and their receptors in transitional cell carcinoma / N.P. Munro, M.A. Knowles. - P.675-682
Nishijima, S. Hepatic alanine-glyo[ylate aminotransferase activity and o[alate metabolism in vitamin B6 deficient rats / S. Nishijima, K. Sugaya, M. Morozumi. - P.683-686
Unruh, von G. E. Reference range for gastrointestinal oxalate absorption measured with a standardized [ 13 C 2] oxalate absorption test / von G.E. Unruh, S. Voss, T. Sauerbruch. - P.687-690
Kaouk, J. H. Laparoscopic anatrophic nephrolithotomy : Feasibility study in a chronic porcine model / J.H. Kaouk, I.S. Gill, M.M. Desai. - P.691-696
Landman, J. Evaluation of a vessel sealing system , bipolar electrosurgery, harmonic scalpel, titanium clips, endoscopic gastrointestinal anastomosis vascular staples and sutures for arterial and venous ligation in a porcine model / J. Landman, K. Kerbi, J. Rehman et al. - P.697-700
Другие авторы: Kerbi K., Rehman J., Andreoni C., Humphrey P.A., Collyer W.
Zigeuner, R. E. Isolation of circulating cancer cells from whole blood by immunomagnetic cell enrichment and unenriched immunocytochtmistry in vitro / R.E. Zigeuner, R. Riesenberg, H. Pohla. - P.701-705
Mizutani, Y. Significance of thymidine kinase activity in renal cell carcinoma / Y. Mizutani, H. Wada, O. Yoshida et al. - P.706-709
Другие авторы: Wada H., Yoshida O., Fukushima M., Nakao M., Miki T.
Horiguchi, A. Elevated akt activation and its impact on clinicopathological features of renal cell carcinoma / A. Horiguchi, M. Oya, A. Uchida et al. - P.710-713
Другие авторы: Oya M., Uchida A., Marumo K., Murai M.
Zhao, H. Plasma levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 and binding protein-3 , and their association with bladder cancer risk / H. Zhao, H.B. Grossman, M.R. Spitz et al. - P.714-717
Другие авторы: Grossman H.B., Spitz M.R., Lerner S.P., Zhang K., Wu X.
Asanuma, H. Successful diagnosis of orthotopic rat superficial bladder tumor model by ultrathin cystoscopy / H. Asanuma, T. Araj, K. Seguchi. - P.718-720
Lynn, N. N.K. Over expression of metallothionein predicts resistance of transitional cell carcinoma of bladder to intravesical mitomycin therapy / N.N.K. Lynn, M.S. Howe, R.J. Hale et al. - P.721-723
Другие авторы: Howe M.S., Hale R.J., Collins G.N., O'Reilly P.H.
Pan, S. -L. Identification of apoptotic and antiangiogenic activities of terazolin in human prostate cancer and endothelial cells / S.-L. Pan, J.-H. Guh, Y.-W. Huang. - P.724-729
Kikuchi, E. Enhancement of dietthylstilbestrol induced cytotoxicity by BCL-2 antisense oligodeoxynucleotides and a glutathione depletor for prostate cancer / E. Kikuchi, J. Nakashima, Y. Horiguchi et al. - P.730-734
Другие авторы: Nakashima J., Horiguchi Y., Oya M., Ohigashi T., Murai M.
Matsumoto, S. Response of the fetal sheep bladder to urinary diversion / S. Matsumoto, B.A. Kogan, R.M. Levin et al. - P.735-739
Другие авторы: Kogan B.A., Levin R.M., Howard P.S., Macarak E.J.
Hegarty, N. J. Endothelin in unilateral ureteral obstruction : vascular and cellular effects / N.J. Hegarty, L.S. Young, A.J. O'Neill. - P.740-744
John, H. Evidence of gap junctions in the stable nonobstructed human bladder / H. John, X. Wang, E. Wehrli. - P.745-749
Upadhyay, J. Integrins expressed with bladder extracellular matrix after stretch injury in vivo mediate bladder smooth muscle cell growth in vitro / J. Upadhyay, K.J. Ainken, C. Damdar. - P.750-755
Tertyshnikova, S. Partially purified grammostola spatulata venom inhibits stretch activated calcium signaling in dladder myocytes and improves bladder compliance in an in vitro rat whole bladder model / S. Tertyshnikova, J.A. Matson, G. Thalody, Lodge N.J. - P.756-760
Другие авторы: Matson J.A., Thalody G., Lodge N.J.
Kalsi, J. S. BAY 41-2272, a novel nitric oxide independent soluble guanylate cyclase activator, relaxes human and rabbit corpus cavernosum in vitro / J.S. Kalsi, R.W, Rees R.W, A.G. Hobbs et al. - P.761-766
Другие авторы: Rees R.W,, Hobbs A.G., Royle M., Kell P.D., Ralph D.J.
Zini, A. Effect of hormonal manipulation on mRNA expression of antioxidant enzymes in the rat testis / A. Zini, P.N. Schlegel. - P.767-771
Droller, M. J. Urological oncology : Bladder, penis and urethra cancer, and basic principles of oncology / M.J. Droller. - P.774-779
Jarow, J.P. Male infertility / J.P. Jarow. - P.780-783
Seftel, A. Male and female sexual function and dysfunction ; Andrology. / A. Seftel. - P.784-789
Clayman, R. V. Urolithiasis, endourology and laparoscopy / R.V. Clayman. - P.790-798
Marshall, F. F. Urological oncology : Renal, Ureteral and retroperitoneal tumors / F.F. Marshall. - P.799-801
Albertsen, P. C. Sosioeconomic factors, urological epidemiology and practice patterns / P.C. Albertsen. - P.802-806
Ratliff, T. L. Uro-Science / T.L. Ratliff. - P.807-808
Kavoussi, L. R. Book reviews / L.R. Kavoussi, R.R. Bahnson, D. Novicki. - P.809-810
Information for authors. - P.811-815
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