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Шифр: J18/2002/167/1

JOURNAL of UROLOGY [Текст]. - New York. - Выходит ежемесячно
2002г. Vol. 167 N 1
Transurethral prostatectomy: immediate and postoperative complications cooperative study of 13 participating institutions evaluating 3,885 patients. - P.5-9
Percutaneous radio frequency ablation of small renal tumors: initial results. - P.10-15
The correlation of serum carbohydrate antigen 19-9 with benign hydronephrosis. / H. Воman, H. Hedelin, S. Holmang; O.J. Wiseman; T. Ueda, M. Tamaki, O. Ogawa. - P.16-20
The natural history of simple renal cysts. - P.21-23
The effect of dopamine on renal function in solitary partial nephrectomy surgery. - P.24-28
Ligation of the native ureter in renal transplantation. - P.29-30
Holmium: YAG laser lithotripsy for upper urinary tract calculi in 598 patients. - P.31-34
Infundibular stenosis after percutaneous nephrolithotomy. - P.35-38
Clipless laparoscopic adrenalectomy with needlescopic instruments. - P.39-43
Intentional resection of the diaphragm during cytoreducccctive laparoscopic radical nephrectomy. - P.48-50
Perioperative complications of laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: the montsouris 3-year experience. - P.51-56
Hock, L. M. Increasing incidence of all stages of kidney cancer in the last 2 decades in the United States: an analysis of surveillance,epidemiology and end results program data. / S.-Ch. Chueh; M.C. Martins, A.A. Meyers, N.A. Whalley ; S.-Ch. Chueh; M.C. Martins, A.A. Meyers, N.A. Whalley. - P.57-60
Does the size of the surgical margin in partial nephrectomy for renal cell cancer really matter ?. - P.61-64
Prognostic factors and survival of patients with sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma. - P.65-70
Collecting duct renal cell carcinoma: clinical study of a rare tumor. - P.71-74
Воman, H. Four bladder tumor markers have a disappointingly low sensitivity for small size and low grade recurrence. / O.J. Wiseman; T. Ueda, M. Tamaki, O. Ogawa ; O.J. Wiseman; T. Ueda, M. Tamaki, O. Ogawa. - P.80-83
Late uro-ileal cancer after incorporation of ileum into the urinary tract. - P.84-88
Immunoexpression of p53 protein and proliferating cell nuclear antigen in penile carcinoma. - P.89-93
Prospective evaluation of prostate cancer detection by prostate specific antigen related parameters: comparison in serum and plasma samples. - P.97-102
Preoperative serum prostate specific antigen levels between 2 and 22 ng/ml .Correlate pooely with post-radical prostatectomy cancer morphology: prostate specific antigen cure rates appear constant between 2 and 9 ng/ml. - P.103-111
Neoadjuvant androgen ablation before radical prostatectomy in cT2bNxMo prostate cancer: 5-year results. - P.112-116
Radical prostatectomy for pathological gleason 8 or greater prostate cancer: influence of concomitant pathological variables. - P.117-122
Late normal tissue sequelae in the second decade after high dose radiation therapy with combined photons and conformal protons for locally advanced prostate cancer. - P.123-126
Urethroplasty for refractory anterior urethral stricture. - P.127-129
New 2-stage buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty. - P.130-132
The chronic prostatitis-chronic pelvic pain syndrome can be characterized by prostatic tissue pressure measurements. - P.137-140
Acute and long-term outcomes of radio frequency bladder neck suspension. - P.141-145
A prospective evaluation of the glomerular filtration rate in older adults with frequent nighttime urination. - P.146-150
The cause and natural history of isolated urinary retention in young women. - P.151-156
P2X receptors and their role in female idiopathic detrusor instability. - P.157-164
Estrogen replacement increased the citrate and calcium excretion rates in postmenopausal women with recurrent urolithiasis. - P.169-171
Significance of nocturia in the international prostate symptom score for benign prostatic hyperplasia. - P.172-176
Wilt, T. J. Tamsulosin for treating lower urinary tract symptoms compatible with benigh prostatic obstruction: a systematic review of efficacy and adverse effects. / B.R. Matlaga, J.A. Veys, C.C. Thacker ; B.R. Matlaga, J.A. Veys, C.C. Thacker. - P.177-183
Neodymium: YAG visual laser ablation of the prostate: 7 years of experience with 230 patients. - P.184-187
The role of testicular biopsy in the modern management of male infertility. - P.197-200
Vasectomy,inelammation, atherosclerosis and long-term followup for cardiovascular diseases: no associations in the atherosclerosis risk in communities study. - P.204-207
Causes of increased hospital stay after radical cystectomy in a clinical pathway setting. - P.208-211
Baumgartner, R. G. Causes of increased hospital stay after radical cystectomy in a clinical pathway setting. / A.I. Sagalowsky ; A.I. Sagalowsky. - P.207-210
MacDonagh, R. The effect of erectile dysfunction on quality of life: psychometric testing of a new quality of life measure : for patients with erectile dysfunction. / C. Stephan, K. Jung, D. Schnorr ; C. Stephan, K. Jung, D. Schnorr. - P.212-217
Cohn, J. H. Radical prostatectomy in a community practice. / M.R. Zaontz ; M.R. Zaontz. - P.224-228
The association of an increased urinary calcium-to-creatinine ratio, and asymptomatic gross and microscopiic hematuria in children. - P.272-274
Ganesan, A. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia: preliminary observations of the urethra in 9 cases. / D.A. Bloom, J.S. Elder ; D.A. Bloom, J.S. Elder. - P.275-279
Marr, L. Laser incision of ureterocele in the pediatric patient. / H.H. Young, W.A. Frontz, J.C. Baldwin ; H.H. Young, W.A. Frontz, J.C. Baldwin. - P.280-282
Outcome of sibling vesicoureteral reflux. - P.283-284
Ureteral reimplantation in infants and children : effect on bladder function. - P.285-287
Lengthening the urethral plate with a double flap technique: a new procedure for correction of primary hypospadias with chordee. - P.306-308
High resolution detection of internal structure of renal calculi by helical computerized tomography. - P.322-326
The molecular detection of circulating tumor cells in bladder cancer using telomerase activity. - P.352-356
Prognostic value of a T helper 1 urinary cytokine response after intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin treatment for superficial bladder cancer. . - P.364-367
Gillenwater, J. Y. This month in clinical urology. / R.W. Grady ; R.W. Grady. - P.1-2
Atala, A. This month in investigative urology. / M.T. Edney, A.R. Schned, M. Cendron ; M.T. Edney, A.R. Schned, M. Cendron. - P.3-4
Chueh, S. -Ch. Hand assisted laparoscopic bilateral nephroureterectomy in 1 session without repositioning patients is facilitated by alternating inflation cuffs. / M.C. Martins, A.A. Meyers, N.A. Whalley ; M.C. Martins, A.A. Meyers, N.A. Whalley. - P.44-47
Lotan, Y. Cost-effectiveness of a modified care protocol substituting bladder tumor markers for cystoscopy for the followup of patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder: a decision analytical approach. / R. Munver, F.C. Delvecchio, R.L. Kuo ; R. Munver, F.C. Delvecchio, R.L. Kuo. - P.75-79
Chang, S. S. Paracolic recurrence: the impotance of wide excision of the spermatic cord at retroperitoneal lymph node dissection. / V.K. Dasari, D. Deno, G. Perinchery ; V.K. Dasari, D. Deno, G. Perinchery. - P.94-96
Kato, H. Histopathological study of the mullerian duct remnant: clarification of disease categories and terminology. / Y. Li, T. Okegawa, D.F. Lombardi ; Y. Li, T. Okegawa, D.F. Lombardi. - P.133-136
Wiseman, O. J. Sacral neuromodulation and pregnancy. / T. Ueda, M. Tamaki, O. Ogawa ; T. Ueda, M. Tamaki, O. Ogawa. - P.165-168
Yilmaz, U. Evoked cavernous activity. / A. Bohle, A. Jurczok, P. Ardelt ; A. Bohle, A. Jurczok, P. Ardelt. - P.188-191
Elhanbly, S. What nonresponse to intracavernous injection really indicates: a determination by quantitative analysis. / S. Aharinejad, M. Fink, H. Abri ; S. Aharinejad, M. Fink, H. Abri. - P.192-196
Brackett, N. L. Semen retrieval in men with spinal cord injury is improved by interrupting current delivery during electroejaculation. / B.W. Trautner, R.O. Darouiche, R.A. Hull ; B.W. Trautner, R.O. Darouiche, R.A. Hull. - P.201-203
Peyromaure, M. Pain and morbidity of an extensive prostate 10-biopsy protocol: a prospective study in 289 patients. / W.S. Boucher, R. Letourneau, M. Huang ; W.S. Boucher, R. Letourneau, M. Huang. - P.218-221
Taverna, G. A single injection of lidocaine as local anesthesia for ultrasound guided needle biopsy of the prostate. / N. Smeulders, A.S. Woolf, D.T. Wilcox ; N. Smeulders, A.S. Woolf, D.T. Wilcox. - P.222-223
Kaouk, J. H. Laparoscopic dismembered tubularized flap pyeloplasty: a novel technique. / K. Kodama, O. Yokoyama, K. Komatsu ; K. Kodama, O. Yokoyama, K. Komatsu. - P.229-231
Hatano, T. Partial nephrectomy using a vascular sealing system. / T. Yamanishi, C.R. Chapple, K. Yasuda ; T. Yamanishi, C.R. Chapple, K. Yasuda. - P.232-233
Mejean, A. Nephron sparing surgery for renal cell carcinoma using selective renal parenchymal clamping. / F. Giuliano, J. Allard, O. Rampin ; F. Giuliano, J. Allard, O. Rampin. - P.234-235
Dunet, F. Laparoscopic management of parastomal hernia in transileal urinary diversion. / P.C. Walsh ; P.C. Walsh. - P.236-237
Gill, I. Vaginal extraction of the intact specimen following laparoscopic radical nephrectomy. / C. Siegel ; C. Siegel. - P.238-241
Kobayashi, K. Spontaneous regression of primary renal cell carcinoma with inferior vena caval tumor thrombus. / D.A. Canning ; D.A. Canning. - P.242-243
Tavolini, I. M. Unmanageable fever and granulomatous renal mass after intracavitary upper urinary tract bacillus Calmette-Guerin therapy. / J.A. Smith ; J.A. Smith. - P.244-245
Maeda, Y. Extragonadal germ cell tumor with high serum levels of DU-PAN-2. / A.J. Schaeffer ; A.J. Schaeffer. - P.246-247
Ishii, T. Subcutaneous penectomy and phalloplasty using a testicle for invasive urethral carcinoma. / S.A. Kaplan ; S.A. Kaplan. - P.248
Akashi, T. Parathyroid hormone related protein producing penile cancer. / T. Boone, D. Novicki ; T. Boone, D. Novicki. - P.249
Haferkamp, A. Urethral erosion of tension-free vaginal tape. / T.W. Jarrett, P.M. Hanno ; T.W. Jarrett, P.M. Hanno. - P.250
Matlaga, B. R. Prostate abscess following intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin treatment. / B.R. Matlaga, J.A. Veys, C.C. Thacker. - P.251
, van Bezooijen B. P.J. Protothecosis of the urinary tract. / van Bezooijen B.P.J. ; van Bezooijen B.P.J. . - P.252
Nagler, H. M. The natural history of partial ejaculatory duct obstruction. / H.M. Nagler. - P.253-254
Sloan, J. C. Bilateral testicular epidermoid cysts managed by partial orchiectomy. / J.C. Sloan. - P.255-256
Lendvay, T. S. Pulsatile mass in the scrotum in a man with the leriche syndrome. / T.S. Lendvay. - P.257-258
Sagalowsky, A. I. Letters to the editor.Re : Sensory disturbance of thigh after renal transplantation. / A.I. Sagalowsky. - P.259
Stephan, C. Letters to the editor.Re: Prospective study to evaluate role of complexed prostate specific antigen and free/total prostate specific antigen ratio for diagnosis of prostate cancer. / C. Stephan, K. Jung, D. Schnorr. - P.259
Zaontz, M. R. Letters to the editor.Re : Pelvic plexus and antireflux surgery: Topographical findings and clinical consequences. / M.R. Zaontz. - P.260
Shafik, A. Letters to the editor. Re: Biofeedback training for detrusor overactivity in children. / A. Shafik. - P.280
Erratum. High frequency microsatellite instability in mucinous adenocarcinoma of prostate. - P.261
Bloom, D. A. Preface: The urological centennial: taking stock of a specialty. / D.A. Bloom, J.S. Elder. - P.264
Young, H. H. Congenital obstruction of the posterior urethra. / H.H. Young, W.A. Frontz, J.C. Baldwin. - P.265-267
Dewan, P. A. Editorial comment. / P.A. Dewan. - P.268
Pole, R. J. Patterns of apoptosis during degeneration of the pronephros and mesonephros. / R.J. Pole, B.Q. Qi, S.W. Beasley. - P.269-271
Minevich, E. Extravesical common sheath detrusorrhaphy (ureteroneocystotomy) and reflux in duplicated collecting systems. / E. Minevich, L. Tackett, J. Wacksman. - P.288-290
Koff, S. A. The valve bladder syndrome: pathophysiology and treatment with nocturnal bladder emptying. / S.A. Koff, K.H. Mutabagani, V.R. Jayanthi. - P.291-297
Glassberg, K. I. Editorial: The valve bladder syndrome. / K.I. Glassberg. - P.298-299
Schober, J. M. The ultimate challenge of cloacal exstrophy. / J.M. Schober, P.A. Carmichael, M. Hines. - P.300-304
Grady, R. W. Editorial: Making tough choices for patients with cloacal exstrophy. / R.W. Grady. - P.305
Edney, M. T. Priapism in a 15-year-old boy with congenital dyserythropoietic anemia type II ( hereditary erythroblastic multinuclearity with positive acidified serum lysis test). / M.T. Edney, A.R. Schned, M. Cendron. - P.309-310
CME enrollment form and questionnaire. - P.312-316
Martins, M. C. Cystine: a promoter of the growth and aggregation of calcium oxalate crystals in normal undiluted human urine. / M.C. Martins, A.A. Meyers, N.A. Whalley. - P.317-321
Munver, R. In vivo assessment of free radical activity during shock wave lithotripsy using a microdialysis system: the renoprotective action of allopurinol. / R. Munver, F.C. Delvecchio, R.L. Kuo. - P.327-334
Dasari, V. K. DNA methylation regulates the expression of y chromosome specific genes in prostate cancer. / V.K. Dasari, D. Deno, G. Perinchery. - P.335-338
Li, Y. Enhanced transgene expression in androgen independent prostate cancer gene therapy by taxane chemotherapeutic agents. / Y. Li, T. Okegawa, D.F. Lombardi. - P.339-346
Ueda, T. Over expression of platelet-derived endothelial cell growth factor/thymidine phosphorylase in patients with interstitial cystitis and bladder carcinoma. / T. Ueda, M. Tamaki, O. Ogawa. - P.347-351
Bohle, A. Inhibition of bladder carcinoma cell adhesion by oligopeptide combinations in vitro and in vivo. / A. Bohle, A. Jurczok, P. Ardelt. - P.357-363
Aharinejad, S. Efficient carboplatin single therapy in a mouse model of human testicular nonseminomatous germ cell tumor. / S. Aharinejad, M. Fink, H. Abri. - P.368-374
Trautner, B. W. PRE-inoculation of urinary catheters with escherichia coli 83972 inhibits catheter colonization by enterococcus faecalis. / B.W. Trautner, R.O. Darouiche, R.A. Hull. - P.375-379
Boucher, W. S. Intravesical sodium hyaluronate inhibits the rat urinary mast cell mediator increase triggered by acute immobilization stress. / W.S. Boucher, R. Letourneau, M. Huang. - P.380-384
Smeulders, N. Smooth muscle differentiation and cell turnover in mouse detrusor development. / N. Smeulders, A.S. Woolf, D.T. Wilcox. - P.385-390
Kodama, K. Contribution of cerebral nitric oxide to bladder overactivity after cerebral infarction in rats. / K. Kodama, O. Yokoyama, K. Komatsu. - P.391-396
Yamanishi, T. The role of M2 muscarinic receptor subtypes in mediating contraction of the pig bladder base after cyclic adenosine monophosphate elevation and/or selective M3 inactivation. / T. Yamanishi, C.R. Chapple, K. Yasuda. - P.397-401
Giuliano, F. PRO-erectile effect of systemic apomorphine: existence of a spinal site of action. / F. Giuliano, J. Allard, O. Rampin. - P.402-406
Walsh, P. C. Urological oncology: prostate cancer. / P.C. Walsh. - P.408-415
Siegel, C. Imaging. / C. Siegel. - P.416-417
Canning, D. A. Pediatric urology. / D.A. Canning. - P.418-421
Smith, J. A. Diagnostic urology,urinary diversion and perioperative care. / J.A. Smith. - P.422-425
Schaeffer, A. J. Infection and inflammation of genitourinary tract. / A.J. Schaeffer. - P.426-430
Kaplan, S. A. Benign prostatic hyperplasia. / S.A. Kaplan. - P.431-436
Boone, T. Book reviews. / T. Boone, D. Novicki. - P.438-440
Jarrett, T. W. Video reviews. / T.W. Jarrett, P.M. Hanno. - P.438-440
News and announcements. - P.441
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