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Шифр: J18/2001/166/4

JOURNAL of UROLOGY [Текст]. - New York. - Выходит ежемесячно
2001г. Vol. 166 N 4
Gillenwater, J. Y. This month in clinical urology. / J.Y. Gillenwater. - P.1215-1216
Atala, A. This month in investigative urology. / A. Atala. - P.1217-1219
Gene therapy for prostate cancer: current status and future prospects. - P.1220-1233
Engel, R. M. Hugh H. Youhg, instrument designer. / N.R. Netto, J. Ikonomidis, C. Zillo; J. Pannek, F. Holger, T. Senge; H. Liapis, B. Barent, G.F. Steinhardt ; N.R. Netto, J. Ikonomidis, C. Zillo; J. Pannek, F. Holger, T. Senge; H. Liapis, B. Barent, G.F. Steinhardt. - P.1234-1236
Lower urinary tract symptoms after renal transplantation. - P.1237-1241
Critical analysis of supracostal access for percutaneous renal surgery. - P.1242-1246
Proportional reduction of urine supersaturation during nephrolithiasis treatment. - P.1247-1251
Netto, N. R. Routine ureteral stenting after ureteroscopy for ureteral lithiasis: is it really necessary ? / J. Pannek, F. Holger, T. Senge; H. Liapis, B. Barent, G.F. Steinhardt ; J. Pannek, F. Holger, T. Senge; H. Liapis, B. Barent, G.F. Steinhardt. - P.1252-1254
Prospective randomized trial comparing schock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy for management of distal ureteral calculi. - P.1255-1260
A novel approach to endourological training : training at the surgical skills center. - P.1261-1266
Transperitoneal preperitoneal laparoscopic lumbar incisional herniorrhaphy. - P.1267-1269
Open donor,laparoscopic donor and hand assisted laparoscopic donor nephrectomy : A comparison of outcomes. - P.1270-1274
Serum levels of vascular endothelial growth factor as a prognostic factor in bladder cancer. - P.1275-1279
Molecular followup of newly diagnosed bladder cancer using urine samples. - P.1280-1285
Heparanase protein and gene expression in bladder cancer. - P.1286-1290
Phase I study of intravesical vaccinia virus as a vector for gene therapy of bladder cancer. - P.1291-1295
Herr, H. W. Does early cystectomy improve the survival of patients with high risk superficial bladder tumors ? / J.C. Liao, R.E. Reiter ; J.C. Liao, R.E. Reiter. - P.1296-1299
O'Donnell, M. A. Salvage intravesical therapy with interferon - alpha 2B plus low dose bacillus Calmette-Guerin is effective in patients with superficial bladder cancer in whom bacillus Calmette-Guerin alone previously failed. / G. Rodriguez, M. Rashid ; G. Rodriguez, M. Rashid. - P.1300-1305
Spermatic cord sarcoma: outcome,patterns of failure and management. - P.1306-1310
Select : The next prostate cancer prevention trial. - P.1311-1315
Society of urologic oncology biotechnology forum: new approaches and targets for advanced prostate cancer. - P.1316-1321
Predicting risk of prostate specific antigen recurrence after radical prostatectomy with the center for prostate disease research and cancer of the prostate strategic urologic research endeavor databases. - P.1322-1327
Prostate specific antigen kinetics at tumor recurrence after radical prostatectomy do not suggest a worse disease prognosis in black men. - P.1328-1332
Salvage cryotherapy using an argon based system for locally recurrent prostate cancer after radiation therapy : the columbia experience. - P.1333-1338
Prostate cancer screening within a prostate specific antigen range of 3 to 3.9 NG/ML : A comparison of digital rectal examination and free prostate specific antigen as supplemental screening tests. - P.1339-1342
Local anesthesia for ultrasound guided prostate biopsy : a prospective randomized trial comparing 2 methods. - P.1343-1345
Smith, E. Evaluation of urinary continence and voidihg function early results in men with neo-urethral modification of the hautmann orthotopic neobladder. / A.C. McCool, D.B. Joseph ; A.C. McCool, D.B. Joseph. - P.1346-1349
Pannek, J. Particle migraation after transurethral injection of carbon coated beads for stress urinary incontinence. / H. Liapis, B. Barent, G.F. Steinhardt ; H. Liapis, B. Barent, G.F. Steinhardt. - P.1350-1353
Collagen implant for treating stress urinary incontinence in women with urethral hypermobility. - P.1354-1357
Long-term use of tamsulosin to treat lower urinary tract symptoms/benign prostatic hyperplasia. - P.1358-1363
Amen-Palma, J. A. Hemostatic technique : extracapsular prostatic adenomectomy. / T.F. Kolon, O.F. Miller ; T.F. Kolon, O.F. Miller. - P.1364-1367
Incidence of erectile dysfunction in Italian men with diabetes. - P.1368-1371
Revision rate after artificial urinary sphincter implantation for incontinence after radical prostatectomy : actuarial analysis. - P.1372-1375
Morey, A. F. Urethral plate salvage with dorsal graft promotes successful penile flap onlay reconstruction of severe pendulous strictures. / B. Ali-Al-Dein, M.A. Ghoneim ; B. Ali-Al-Dein, M.A. Ghoneim. - P.1376-1378
Anderson, M. I. Retroperitoneal bronchogenic cyst mimicking a pheochromocytoma. / K. Shiraishi, K. Naito, K.-I. Yoshida ; K. Shiraishi, K. Naito, K.-I. Yoshida. - P.1379-1380
Benign mixed epithelial stromal tumor of the kidney of possible mullerian origin. - P.1381-1382
Orthotopic neobladder after kidney transplantation in a male patient with recurring urothelial carcinoma and renal cancer. - P.1383
Cutaneous metastases of penile squamous cell carcinoma following en bloc resection of inguinal recurrence with immediate pedicle flap reconstruction. - P.1384-1385
Garzotto, M. Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion : A rare complication of prostate cancer. / J.A. Smith ; J.A. Smith. - P.1386
Ko, W. Spontaneous proximal double pigtail ureteral stent migration after shock wave lithotripsy : "Jack" phenomenon . / A.J. Schaeffer ; A.J. Schaeffer. - P.1387
Losanoff, J. E. Penile injury. / S.A. Kaplan ; S.A. Kaplan. - P.1388-1389
Traumatic glans deformity : reconstruction of distal ligamentous structure. - P.1390
Han, S. Indiana Pouch urinary diversion for adenocarcinoma developing after ureterosigmoidostomy. / S. Han, J.R. Starling, D.F. Jarrard. - P.1391-1392
Theodorescu, D. Metastatic melanoma presenting as an ileal conduit filling defect. / D. Theodorescu, R.A. Older, E.J. Sorenson. - P.1393-1394
Bladder lipoma. - P.1395
Liao, J. C. Coccidioidomycosis presenting as testicular mass. / J.C. Liao, R.E. Reiter. - P.1396
Rodriguez, G. Human scrotal myiasis (BOT FLY): A case of self-diagnosis. / G. Rodriguez, M. Rashid. - P.1397-1398
Protzel, C. High frequency rotablation as a new therapeutic procedure for obstructed metallic ureter stents. / C. Protzel, J.B. Dahm, K.J. Klebingat. - P.1399-1400
A rare cause of urethral obstruction : verumontanum attachment. - P.1401
Fugita, O. Letters to the editor.Re : management of diaphragmatic injury during laparoscopic nephrectomy. / O. Fugita. - P.1402
John, H. Letters to the editor.Re : Nerve and seminal sparing radical cystectomy with orthotopic urinary diversion for select patients with superficial bladder cancer : Innovative surgical approach. / H. John, D. Hauri. - P.1402
Stenzl, A. Letters to the editor.Re : Urethral recurrence of transitional cell carcinoma in female patient after cystectomy and orthotopic ileal neobladder. / A. Stenzl. - P.1402
Joseph, D. B. Letters to the editor.Re : Survey results on medical and surgical followup of patients with vesicoureteral reflux from American Association of pediatrics,section on urology members. / D.B. Joseph. - P.1403
Erratum.Von hippel-lindau disease. - P.1403
Glassberg, K. I. The valve bladder syndrome : 20 years later. / K.I. Glassberg. - P.1406-1414
Meldrum, K. K. Hugh Hampton Young : A pioneer in pediatric urology. / K.K. Meldrum, R. Mathews, J.P. Gearhart. - P.1415-1417
Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome: 2 case reports and review of genitourinary manifestations. - P.1418-1420
Van, Savage J. G. Avoidance of inguinal incision in laparoscopically confirmed vanishing testis syndrome. / Savage J.G. Van. - P.1421-1424
McCool, A. C. Complete urethral disruption without pelvic fracture. / A.C. McCool, D.B. Joseph. - P.1425
Sigmoid reconfigured vaginal construction in children. - P.1426-1428
Tunica vaginalis for correcting penile chordee in a rabbit model : is there a difference in flap versus graft ?. - P.1429-1432
Liapis, H. Extracellular matrix in fetal kidney after experimental obssstruction. / H. Liapis, B. Barent, G.F. Steinhardt. - P.1433-1438
Herndon, C. D.A. Changing concepts concerning the management of vesicoureteral reflux. / C.D.A. Herndon, M. DeCambre, P.H. McKenna. - P.1439-1443
Pelvic floor anatomy in classic bladder exstrophy using 3-dimensional computerized tomography : initial insights. - P.1444-1449
Redman, J. F. Perineal lipoma and an accessory labial fold in a female neonate. / J.F. Redman, K.A. Ick, P.E. North. - P.1450
Kolon, T. F. Comparison of single versus multiple dose regimens for the human chorionic gonadotropin stimulatory test. / T.F. Kolon, O.F. Miller. - P.1451-1454
Long-term urological complications in survivors younger than 15 months of advanced stage abdominal neuroblastoma . - P.1455-1458
Buccal mucosal grafts: lessons learned from an 8-year experience. - P.1459-1461
Adolescent varicocele : Tauber antegrade sclerotherapy versus palomo repair. - P.1462-1464
Cessation of prophylactic antibiotics for managing persistent vesicoureteral reflux. - P.1465-1469
Chin-Peuckert, L. A modified biofeedback program for children with detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia : 5-year experience. / L. Chin-Peuckert, J.L.P. Salle. - P.1470-1475
Tap water and the malone antegrade continence enema : A safe combination ?. - P.1476-1478
GME Enrollment form and questionnaire. - P.1480-1483
Exclusion mapping of major crystallization inhibitors in idiopathic calcium urolithiasis. - P.1484-1486
Radio reversal of hyperoxaluria in a rat model after probiotic administration of oxalobacter formigenes. - P.1487-1491
Gokhale, J. A. Characterization of tamm-horsfall protein in a rat nephrolithiasis model. / J.A. Gokhale, P.A. Glenton, S.R. Khan. - P.1492-1497
Curcumin prevents intravesical tumor implantation of the MBT-2 tumor cell line in C3H mice. - P.1498-1501
Chorioallantoic membrane assay : vascularized 3-dimensional cell culture system for human prostate cancer cells as an animal substitute model. - P.1502-1507
Induction of tumor specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes in prostate cancer using prostatic acid phosphatase derived HLA-A2402 binding peptide. - P.1508-1513
HER-2/NEU expression in prostate cancer : high level of expression associated with exposure to hormone therapy and androgen independent disease. - P.1514-1519
Measurement of bio-impedance with a smart needle to confirm percutaneous kidney access. - P.1520-1523
Regional expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in the kidney in dogs with unilateral ureteral obstruction. - P.1524-1529
Alterations in cholinergic and purinergic signaling in a model of the obstructed bladder. - P.1530-1533
In vitro contractile effects of neurokinin receptor blockade in the human ureter. - P.1534-1538
Biphasic urethral sphincter responses to acetic acid infusion into the lower urinary tract in anesthetized cats. - P.1539-1548
Ali-Al-Dein, B. Effects of selective autonomic and pudendal denervation on the urethral function and development of retention in female dogs. / B. Ali-Al-Dein, M.A. Ghoneim. - P.1549-1554
Comparison of alpha1-adrenoceptor agonists in canine urethral pressure profilometry and abdominal leak point pressure models. - P.1555-1559
Genetic polymorphisms in the androgen receptor and type II 5 alpha-reductase genes in prostate enlargement. - P.1560-1564
Shiraishi, K. Vasectomy impairs spermatogenesis through germ cell apoptosis mediated by the p53-BAX pathway in rats. / K. Shiraishi, K. Naito, K.-I. Yoshida. - P.1565-1571
Walsh, P. C. Urological oncology : prostate cancer. / P.C. Walsh. - P.1574-1583
Siegel, C. L. Imaging. / C.L. Siegel. - P.1584-1585
Canning, D. A. Pediatric urology. / D.A. Canning. - P.1586-1587
Smith, J. A. Diagnostic urology,urinary diversion and perioperative care. / J.A. Smith. - P.1588-1590
Schaeffer, A. J. Infection and inflammation of the genitourinary tract. / A.J. Schaeffer. - P.1591-1594
Kaplan, S. A. Benign prostatic hyperplasia. / S.A. Kaplan. - P.1595-1599
Kendall, A. R. Book review. / A.R. Kendall. - P.1600
Information for authors. - P.1601-1605
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Шифр: J18/2006/175/5

JOURNAL of UROLOGY [Текст]. - New York. - Выходит ежемесячно
2006г. Vol. 175 N 5
This month clinical urology. - P.1589-1592
This month in pediatric urology. - P.1593-1594
Thith month in investigative urology. - P.1595-1596
Steers, W. D. uditorials: Reviewing for Journals: Ask not What Your Profession Can Do for You But What You Can Do for Your Profession / W.D. Steers. - P.1597
Thompson, I. M. Editorials:Diagnosing Prostate Cancer: Through Glass, Darkly / I.M. Thompson, Lucia M. S. - P.1598-1599. - 14 ref.
, Siemens D. R. Editorials:Viral Mediated Gene Therapy for Prostate Cancer -Can We Deliver? / Siemens D.R. ; Siemens D.R. - P.1600-1601. - 10 ref.
Gettman, M. T. Editorials:Updating Traditional Thoughts and Concepts in Urolithiasis / M.T. Gettman, J.W. Segura. - P.1602-1603. - 6 ref.
Litwin, M. S. Editorials: Discharging Our Duty / M.S. Litwin. - P.1604. - 5 ref.
Berndt, S. I. A Systematic Review of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorhisms and Prostate Cancer Risk / S.I. Berndt, J.L. Dodson W-Yi. Huang, Nicodemus K.K. - P.1613-1623. - 60 ref.
Другие авторы: Dodson J.L., Huang W-Yi., Nicodemus K.K.
Eichler, K. Diagnostic Value of Systematic Biopsy Methods in the Investigation of Prostate Cancer:A Systematic Review / K. Eichler, S. Hempel, J. Wiiby et al. - P.1605-1612. - 42 ref.
Другие авторы: Hempel S., Wiiby J., Myers L., Bachmann L.M.
Kanai, A. Symposium Report on Urothelial Dysfunction : Pathophysiology and Novel Therapies / A. Kanai, Groat W. de, L. Birder et al. - P.1624 - 1629. - 60 ref.
Другие авторы: de Groat W., Birder L., Chai T., Hultgren S., Fowler C., Fry C.
Fergany, A.F. Open Partial Nephrectomy for Tumor in a Solitary Kidney: Experience with 400 Cases / A.F. Fergany, I.R. Saad, L. Woo, Novick A.C. - P.1630-1633. - 11 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Saad I.R., Woo L., Novick A.C.
Joudi, F. N. The Impact of Age on the Response of Patients With Superficial Bladder Cancer to Intravesical Immunotherapy : (Ed.Comment by D. L. Lamm) / F.N. Joudi, B.J. Smith, Donnell A. O", Konety B.R. - P.1634-1640. - 7 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Smith B.J., O'Donnell A., Konety B.R.
Divrik, R. T. The Effect of Repeat Transurethral Resection on Recurrence and Progression Rates in Patients With T1 Tumors of the Bladder Who Received Intravesical Mitomycin: A Prospective,Randomized Clinical Trial / R.T. Divrik, U.Y. Yildirim, F. Zorlu, Ozen H. - P.1641-1644. - 10 ref. : граф.
Другие авторы: Yildirim U., Zorlu F., Ozen H.
Palapattu, G. S. Cancer Specific Outcomes in Patients With PTO Disease Following Radical Cystectomy : (Ed. comment by M.S. Cookson) / G.S. Palapattu, S.F. Shariat, P.I. Karakiewicz, Bastian P.I., Rogerrs C.G., Amiel G. . - P.1645-1649. - 14 ref. : граф.
Другие авторы: Shariat S.F., Karakiewicz P.I., Bastian P.I., Rogers C.G., Amiel G.
Marshall, F. F. Urological Oncology: Renal, Ureteral and Retroperitoneal Tumors / F. F. Marshall. - P.1650-1651
Siegel, C. Imaging / C. Siegel. - P.1651
Albertsen, P. S. Socioeconomic Factors,Urological Epidemiology and Practice Patterns / P.S. Albertsen. - P.1652
McDougal, W.S. Adrenal and Renal Physiology, and Medical Renal Disease / W.S. McDougal. - P.1653
Montie, J. E. Urological Oncology: Bladder, Penis and Urethral Cancer, and Basic Principles of Oncology / J.E. Montie. - P.1653-1656
Andriole, G. L. Clinical Usefulness of Serum Prostate Specific Antigen for Detection of Prostate Cancer is Preserved in Men Receiving Dual 5alfa-Reductase Inhibitor Dutasteride / G.L. Andriole, M. Marberger, C.G. Roehrborn. - P.1657-1662. - 18 ref. : граф.
Mitchell, R. E. Preoperative Serum Prostate Specific Antigen Remains Significant Prognostic Variable in Predicting Biochemical Failure After Radical Prostatectomy : Ed.Com. by M.L.Blute / R.E. Mitchell, M. Desai, J.B. Shah, Olsson C.A., Benson M.C.,McKiernar J.M. - P.1663-1667. - 20 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Desai M., Shah J.B., Olsson C.A., Benson M.C.,McKiernar J.M.
Proano, J.M. Impact of Negative 111 Indium - Capromab Pendetide Scan Before Salvage Radiotherapy / J.M. Proano, D.B. Sodee, M.I. Resnick, Einstein D.B. - P.1668-1672. - 20 ref. : рис.
Другие авторы: Sodee D.B., Resnick M.I., Einstein D.B.
Scholz, M. C. Intermittent Use of Testosterone Inactivating Pharmaceuticals Using Finasteride Prolongs Time Off Period / M.C. Scholz, R.I. Jennrich, s.B. Strum et al. - P.1673-1678. - 20 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Jennrich R.I., Strum s.B., Johnson H.J., Guess B.W., Lam R.Y.
Morote, J. Bone Mineral Density Changes in Patients With Prostate Cancer During First 2 Years of Androgen Suppression : Ed.Com. by J.M.Holzbeierlein / J. Morote, A. Orsola, J.M. Abascal et al. - P.1679-1683. - 20 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Orsola A., Abascal J.M., Planas J., Trilla E., Raventos C.X.
Sengupta, S. Increasing Prostate Specific Antigen Following Radical Prostatectomy and Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy: Doubling Time Predicts Survival : Ed.Com. by S.H. Haecht / S. Sengupta, M.L. Blute, S.M. Bagniewski et al. - P.1684-1690. - 20 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Blute M.L., Bagniewski S.M., Myers R.P., Bergstralh E.J., Leibovich B.C., Zincke H.
Baumert, H. Laparoscopic Versus Open Simple Prostatectomy: Comparative Study / H. Baumert, a. Ballaro, F. Dugardin, Kaisary A.V. - P.1691-1694. - 11 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Ballaro A., Dugardin F., Kaisary A.V.
Hattab, E. M. Tertiary Gleason Pattern 5 is Powerful Predictor of Biochemical Relapse in Patients With Gleason Score 7 Prostatic Adenocarcinoma : Ed. Com. by J.P.Simco / E.M. Hattab, M.O. Koch, J.N. Eble, Lin H., Cheng L. - P.1695-1699. - 20 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Koch M.O., Eble J.N., Lin H., Cheng L.
Ficarra, V. Nomogram Predictive of Pathological Inguinal Lymph Node Involvement in Patients With Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Penis : Ed.Com. by D.F. Penson / V. Ficarra, F. Zattoni, W. Artibani et al. - P.1700-1705. - 15 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Zattoni F., Artibani W. , Fandella A., Martignoni G. Novara G.
Walsh, P. C. Urological Oncology : Prostate Cancer / P.C. Walsh. - P.1706-1708
Richie, J. P. Urological Oncology: Testis Cancer and Advances in Oncological Therapy / J.P. Richie. - P.1708-1710
Voss, S. Intestinal Oxalate Absorption is Higher in Idiopathic Calcium Oxalate Stone Formers Than in Healthy Controls: Measurements With [13 C 2] Oxalate Absorption Test / S. Voss, A. Hesse, D.J. Zimmerman et al. - P.1711-1715. - 17 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Hesse A. , Zimmerman D.J., Sauerbruch T., von Unruh G.E.
Matlaga, D. R. Changing Composition of Renal Calculi in Patients With Neurogenic Bladder : Ed.Com. by Morey A.F. / D.R. Matlaga, S.C. Kim, S.L. Watkins et al. - P.1716-1719. - 19 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Kim S.C., Watkins S.L., Kuo R.L., Munch C., Lingeman J.E.
Matlaga, B. R. Endoscopic Evidence of Calculus Attachment to Randall's Plaque : Ed. Com. by Monga M. / B.R. Matlaga, J.C. Williams, S.C. Kim et al. - P.1720-1724. - 12 ref. : фото.цв.
Другие авторы: Williams J.C., Kim S.C., Kuo R.L., Evan A.P., Bledsoe S.B.
Hoppe, H. Alternate or Additional Findings to Stone Disease on Unenhanced Computerized Tomography for Acute Flank Pain Can Impact Management : Ed.Com.by Nadler R.B. / H. Hoppe, R. Studer, T.M. Kessler et al. - P.1725-1730. - 19 ref. : фото
Другие авторы: Studer R. , Kessler T.M., Vock P., Studer U. C., Thoeny H.C.
Morris, D. S. Temporal Trends in Use of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy / D.S. Morris, J.T. Wei, D.A. Taub et al. - P.1731-1736. - 20 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Wei J.T., Taub D.A., Dunn R.L., Wolf J.S., Hollenbeck Jr.and B.K.
Mora, B. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: Effective Treatment for Pain Caused by Renal Colic in Emergency Care : Ed.Com. by Pearle M.C. / B. Mora, E. Giorni, M. Dobrovits et al. - P.1737-1741. - 20 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Giorni E. , Dobrovits M. , Barker R., Lang T., Gore C., Kober A.
Krambeck, A. E. Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension Associated With Shock Wave Lithotripsy of Renal and Proximal Ureteral Stones at 19 Years of Followup / A.E. Krambeck, M.T. Gettman, A.L. Rohlinger et al. - P.1742-1747. - 19 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Gettman M.T., Rohlinger A.L., Lohse C.M., Patterson D.E., Segura J.W.
Clayman, R. V. Urolithiasis , Endourology and Laparoscopy / R.V. Clayman. - P.1748-1750
Pratap, A. Complex Posterior Urethral Disruptions: Management by Combined Abdominal Transpubic Perineal Urethroplasty : Ed. Com. by Angermeier K.W. / A. Pratap, C.S. Agrawal, A. Tiwari et al. - P.1751-1754. - 19 ref. : фото
Другие авторы: Agrawal C.S. , Tiwari A., Bhattarai B.K., Pandit R.K. Anchal N.
Evangelidis, A. Evaluation of Ureterointestinal Anastomosis Wallace vs Bricker : Ed. Com. by Campbell and Sagalowsky A.I. / A. Evangelidis, E.K. Lee, M.E. Karellas et al. - P.1755-1758. - 6 ref. : табл.
Другие авторы: Lee E.K., Karellas M.E., Thrasher J.B., Holzbeierlein J.M.
El-Bahnasawy, M. S. Urethral Pressure Profile Following Orthotopic Neobladder: Differences Between Nerve Sparing and Standard Radical Cystectomy Techniques : Ed.Com. by Studer U.E. / M.S. El-Bahnasawy, M. S. Gomha, A.A. Shaaban. - P.1759-1763. - 20 ref. : табл.
Morey, A. F. Trauma, and Genital and Urethral Reconstruction / A.F. Morey. - P.1764-1765
Smith, J. A. Diagnostic Urology, Urinary Diversion and Perioperative Care / J.A. Smith. - P.1766
Albertsen, P. C. Socioeconomic Factors, Urological Epidemiology and Practice Patterns / P.C. Albertsen. - P.1767-1768
Seo, J. T. Pelvic Organ Support and Prevalence by Pelvic Organ Rrolapse- Quntification (POP - Q) in Korean Women / J.T. Seo, J.M. Kim. - P.1769-1772. - 20 ref. : табл.
Kim, J. C. Nerve Growth Factor and Prostaglandins in Urine of Female Patients With Overactive Bladder : Ed. Com. by Tuttle J.B. / J.C. Kim, E.Y. Park, S.I. Seo et al. - P.1773-1776. - 17 ref. : граф.
Другие авторы: Park E.Y., Seo S.I., Park Y.H., Hwang T.-K.
Pfisterer, M. H-D. Impact of Detrusor Overactivity on Bladder Function in Younger and Older Women : Ed. Com. by Griebling T.L. / M.H-D. Pfisterer, Griffiths D.J/ , L. Rosenberg, Schaefer W., Resnick N.M. . - P.1777-1783. - 19 ref. : табл.
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