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Шифр: AMO5/2003/188/5

2003г. т.188 N 5
Editorial : Summary of analysis of published articles. - P.1121-1122
Eden, J. Editors' choice : Progestins and breast cancer / J. Eden. - P.1123-1131
Suparto, I. H. Editors' choice : Contrasting effects of two hormone replacement therapies on the cardiovascular and mammary gland outcomes in surgically postmenopausal monkeys / I.H. Suparto, J.K. Williams, J.M. Cline. - P.1132-1140. - Bibliogr.: 26 ref. : табл.
Pierce, L. M. Editors' choice : Innervation of the levator ani muscles in the female sguirrel monkey / L.M. Pierce, M. Reyes, K.B. Thor. - P.1141-1147. - Bibliogr.: 24 ref. : фото
Croak, A. Predominance of serotype V and frequency of erythromycin resistance in Streptococcus agalactiae in Ohio / A. Croak, G. Abate, K. Goodrum. - P.1148-1150. - Bibliogr.: 7 ref. : табл.
Allen, J. E. Postmolar surveillance at a trophoblastic disease center that serves indigent women / J.E. Allen, M.R. King, D.F. Farrar. - P.1151-1153. - Bibliogr.: 8 ref. : табл.
Kaplan, C. The role of covering gowns in reducing rates of bacterial contamination of scrub suits / C. Kaplan, R. Mendiola, V. Ndjatou. - P.1154-1155. - Bibliogr.: 7 ref. : табл.
Rowland, S. C. Dual fluorescence analysis of DNA apoptosis in sperm / S.C. Rowland, J.D. Jacobson, W.C. Patton. - P.1156-1157. - Bibliogr.: 10 ref. : табл.
Rosen, M. P. A randomized controlled trial of second-versus third-generation oral contraceptives in the treatment of acne vulgaris / M.P. Rosen, D.M. Breitkopf, M. Nagamani. - P.1158-1160 : табл.
Steinauer, J. E. The effect of training on the provision of elective abortion : A survey of five residency programs / J.E. Steinauer, U. Landy, R.A. Jackson, Darney P.D.; . - P.1161-1163 : табл.
Другие авторы: Landy U., Jackson R.A., Darney P.D.;
Oyama, I. A. Local anesthetic reduces the pain of colposcopic biopsies : A randomized trial / I.A. Oyama, M.T. Wakabayashi, L.C. Frattarelli. - P.1164-1165. - Bibliogr.: 6 ref. : табл.
LaCoursiere, D. Y. A comparison of two models of gynecology service consultation to the emergency department in an academic medical center / D.Y. LaCoursiere, C.W. Nager. - P.1166-1168. - Bibliogr.: 3 ref. : табл.
Roth, D. Extremes of body mass index do not affect first-trimester pregnancy outcome in patients with infertility / D. Roth, R.V. Grazi, S.M. Lobel. - P.1169-1170 : табл.
Stegmann, B. J. Characteristics predictive of response to ovarian diathermy in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome / B.J. Stegmann, H.R. Craig, C. Bay, Coonrod D.V.; Brady M.J.; Garbaciak J.A. - P.1171-1173 : табл.
Другие авторы: Craig H.R., Bay C., Coonrod D.V.; Brady M.J.; Garbaciak J.A.
Landen, C. N. Expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in cervical, endometrial, and ovarian malignancies / C.N. Landen, S.P. Mathur, M.S. Richardson, Creasman W.T. - P.1174-1176 : табл.
Другие авторы: Mathur S.P., Richardson M.S., Creasman W.T.
Landen, C. N. Cancer patients' satisfaction with physicians: Princess Margaret Hospital Satisfaction with doctor questionnaire results / C.N. Landen, N.O. Younger, Sharp B.A. Collins. - P.1177-1179. - Bibliogr.: 6 ref. : табл.
Szurkus, D. C. Loop excision for high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion on cytology : Correlation with colposcopic and histologic findings / D.C. Szurkus, T.A. Harrison. - P.1180-1182 : табл.
Morgan, D. M. A technique to evaluate the thickness and density of nonvascular smooth muscle in the suburethral fibromuscular layer / D.M. Morgan, J. Iyengar, J.O.L. DeLancey. - P.1183-1185. - Bibliogr.: 7 ref. : рис.
Kleinberg, M. J. A cost-effectiveness analysis of management strategies for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grades 2 and 3 / M.J. Kleinberg, J.M. Straughn, J.S.A. Stringer, Partridge E.E. - P.1186-1188 : табл.
Другие авторы: Straughn J.M., Stringer J.S.A., Partridge E.E.
Haver, M. C. Irregular menses : An independent risk factor for gestational diabetes mellitus / M.C. Haver, G.J. Locksmith, E. Emmet. - P.1189-1191 : табл.
Potter, M. B. Predictors of success with methotrexute treatment of tubal ectopic pregnancy at Grady Memorial Hospital / M.B. Potter, L.A. Lepine, D.J. Jamieson. - P.1192-1194 : табл.
Jhang, H. CA 125 levels in the preoperative assessment of advanced-stage uterine cancer / H. Jhang, L. Chuang, P. Visintainer, Ramaswamy G. - P.1195-1197 : табл.
Другие авторы: Chuang L., Visintainer P., Ramaswamy G.
Haldach, M. M. Effect of sleep deprivation on medical resident and student cognitive function: A prospective study / M.M. Haldach, C.O. Spann, G. Egan. - P.1198-1201. - Bibliogr.: 8 ref. : табл.
Johnson, L. K. Patient satisfaction and the impact of written material about postpartum contraceptive decisions / L.K. Johnson, A. Edelman, J. Jensen. - P.1202-1204 : табл.
Hall, W. Frequency and predictors for postpartum fecal incontinence / W. Hall, K. McCracken, P. Osterweil, Guise J.-M. - P.1205-1207 : табл.
Другие авторы: McCracken K., Osterweil P., Guise J.-M.
Walsh, L. S. Estrogen increases inducible nitric oxide synthase gene expression / L.S. Walsh, A. Ollendorff, J.L. Mershon. - P.1208-1210. - Bibliogr.: 18 ref. : табл.
Shi, W. Expression of placental low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein and scavenger receptors AI/AII transcripts in the baboon / W. Shi, K.F. Swan, M.C. Henson. - P.1211-1213. - Bibliogr.: 10 ref. : табл.
Fonseca, L. Postdates pregnancy in an indigent population: The financial burden / L. Fonseca, M. Monga, J. Silva. - P.1214-1216 : табл.
Morris-Rush, J. K. Screening for postpartum depression in an inner-city population / J.K. Morris-Rush, M.C. Freda, P.S. Bernstein. - P.1217-1219 : табл.
Kesselman, E. J. The usefulness of the TDx/TDxFLx fetal lung maturity II assay in the initial evaluation of fetal lung maturity / E.J. Kesselman, R. Figueroa, D. Garry, Maulik D. - P.1220-1222 : табл.
Другие авторы: Figueroa R., Garry D., Maulik D.
Ogura, J. M. Complications associated with peripherally inserted central catheter use during pregnancy / J.M. Ogura, K.E. Francois, J.H. Perlow, Elliott J.P. - P.1223-1225 : табл.
Другие авторы: Francois K.E., Perlow J.H., Elliott J.P.
Francois, K. Is placenta previa more common in multiple gestations ? / K. Francois, J.M. Johnson, C. Harris. - P.1226-1227 : табл.
Ferber, A. The association of fetal heart rate patterns with nucleated red blood cell counts at birth / A. Ferber, Ar. Grassi, D. Akyol, O'Reilly-Green C.; Divon M.Y. - P.1228-1230 : табл.
Другие авторы: Grassi Ar., Akyol D., O'Reilly-Green C.; Divon M.Y.
Drescher, K. M. Perceived quality of life in pregnant adolescent girls / K.M. Drescher, M. Monga, P. Williams, Promecene-Cook P.; Schneider K. - P.1231-1233 : табл.
Другие авторы: Monga M., Williams P., Promecene-Cook P.; Schneider K.
Adams, K. M. Interleukin-18 in the plasma of women with preeclampsia / K.M. Adams, L.S. Mandel, K.A. Guthrie, Atkinson M.W. - P.1234-1237 : табл.
Другие авторы: Mandel L.S., Guthrie K.A., Atkinson M.W.
Leslie, J. C. Infant mortality, low birth weight, and prematurity among Hispanic, white, and African American women in North Carolina / J.C. Leslie, S.L. Galvin, S.J. Diehl. - P.1238-1240. - Bibliogr.: 10 ref. : табл.
Einarsson, J. I. Sperm exposure and development of preeclampsia / J.I. Einarsson, H. Sangi-Haghpeykar, M.O. Gardner. - P.1241-1243 : табл.
Yip, S. -K. The impact of urodynamic stress incontinence and detrusor overactivity on marital relationship and sexual function / S.-K. Yip, A. Chan, S. Pang. - P.1244-1248 : табл.
Van, den Bosch T. Ultrasound assessment of endometrial thickness and endometrial polyps in women on hormonal replacement therapy / den Bosch T. Van, Schoubroeck D. Van, L. Ameye, De Brabanter J.; Van Huffel S.; Timmerman D. - P.1249-1253 : табл.
Другие авторы: Van Schoubroeck D., Ameye L., De Brabanter J.; Van Huffel S.; Timmerman D.
Khanlian, S. A. Persistent low levels of human chorionic gonaadotropin: A premalignant gestational trophoblastic disease / S.A. Khanlian, H.O. Smith, L.A. Cole. - P.1254-1259 : табл.
Motoyama, S. Vaginoplasty with interceed absorbable adhesion barrier for complete squamous epithelialization in vaginal agenesis / S. Motoyama, J.B. Laoag-Fernandez, S. Moschizuki. - P.1260-1264. - Bibliogr.: 25 ref. : табл.
Todo, Y. Combined use of magnetic resonance , CA 125 assay, histologic type, and histologic grade in the prediction of lymph node metastasis in endometrial carcinoma / Y. Todo, N. Sakuragi, R. Nishida, Yamada T.; Ebina Y.; Yamamoto R.; Fujimoto S. - P.1265-1272 : табл.
Другие авторы: Sakuragi N., Nishida R., Yamada T.; Ebina Y.; Yamamoto R.; Fujimoto S.
Chan, J. K. Prevention of ureteral injuries in gynecologic surgery / J.K. Chan, J. Morrow, A. Manetta. - P.1273-1277 : табл.
Cagnacci, A. Administration of raloxifene does not influence 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure of postmenopausal women with osteopenia : A double-blind placebo-controlled study / A. Cagnacci, A.L. Zanni, A. Volpe. - P.1278-1282 : табл.
Arbel, R. Inhibitors that target protein kinases for the treatment of ovarian carcinoma / R. Arbel, N. Rojansky, B.Y. Klein, Levitzki R.; Hartzstark Z.; Laufer N.; Ben-Bassat H. - P.1283-1290 : табл.
Другие авторы: Rojansky N., Klein B.Y., Levitzki R.; Hartzstark Z.; Laufer N.; Ben-Bassat H.
Zegura, B. Orally and transdermally replaced estradiol improves endothelial function equally in middle-aged women after surgical menopause / B. Zegura, I. Keber, M. Sebestjen. - P.1291-1296. - Bibliogr.: 24 ref. : табл.
Wildemeersch, D. Treatment of nonatypical and atypical endometrial hyperplasia with a levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system / D. Wildemeersch, M. Dhont. - P.1297-1298 : табл.
Ananth, C. V. The effect of placenta previa on neonatal mortality : A population-based study in the United States, 1989 through 1997 / C.V. Ananth, J.C. Smulian, A.M. Vintzileos. - P.1299-1304 : табл.
Salihu, H. M. Placenta previa : Neonatal death after live births in the United States / H.M. Salihu, Q. Li, D.J. Rouse, Alexander G.R. - P.1305-1309 : табл.
Другие авторы: Li Q., Rouse D.J., Alexander G.R.
Dukler, D. Noninvasive tests to predict fetal anemia : A study comparing Doppler and ultrasound parameters / D. Dukler, D. Oepkes, G. Seaward, Windrim R.; Ryan G. - P.1310-1314 : фото
Другие авторы: Oepkes D., Seaward G., Windrim R.; Ryan G.
Hamoda, H. Medical abortion at 64 to 91 days of gestation : A review of 483 consecutive cases / H. Hamoda, P.W. Ashok, G.M. Flett, Templeton A. - P.1315-1319 : табл.
Другие авторы: Ashok P.W., Flett G.M., Templeton A.
Silver, L. E. Intrauterine growth restriction is accompanied by decreased renal volume in the human fetus / L.E. Silver, P.J. Decamps, L.M. Korst, Platt L.D.; Castro L.C. . - P.1320-1325 : фото
Другие авторы: Decamps P.J., Korst L.M., Platt L.D.; Castro L.C.
Manderson, J. G. Leptin concentrations in maternal serum and cord blood in diabetic and nondiabetic pregnancy / J.G. Manderson, C.C. Patterson, D.R. Hadden. - P.1326-1332. - Bibliogr.: 28 ref. : табл.
Quintero, R. A. Stage-based treatment of twin-twin transfusion syndrome / R.A. Quintero, J.E. Dickinson, W.J. Morales, Bornick P.W.; Bermudez C.; Cincotta R. - P.1333-1340 : табл.
Другие авторы: Dickinson J.E., Morales W.J., Bornick P.W.; Bermudez C.; Cincotta R.
Janssen, P. A. Intimate partner violence and adverse pregnance outcomes : A population-based study / P.A. Janssen, V.L. Holt, N.K. Sugg, Emanuel I.; Critchlow C.M.; Henderson A.D. - P.1341-1347 : табл.
Другие авторы: Holt V.L., Sugg N.K., Emanuel I.; Critchlow C.M.; Henderson A.D.
Llorente, A. M. Effect of maternal docosahexaenoic acid supplementation on postpartum depression and information processing / A.M. Llorente, C.L. Jensen, R.G. Voigt, Fraley J.K.; Beretta M.C.; Heird W.C. - P.1348-1353 : табл.
Другие авторы: Jensen C.L., Voigt R.G., Fraley J.K.; Beretta M.C.; Heird W.C.
Lepage, N. Association between second-trimester isolated high maternal serum maternal serum human chorionic gonodotropin levels and obstetric complications in singleton and twin pregnancies / N. Lepage, D. Chitayat, J. Kingdom, Huang T.; . - P.1354-1359 : табл.
Другие авторы: Chitayat D., Kingdom J., Huang T.;
Nevo, O. The effect of isosorbide dinitrate, a donor of nitric oxide, on maternal cerebral blood flow in gestational hypertension and preeclampsia / O. Nevo, I. Thaler, V. Shik, Vortman T.; Soustiel J.F. - P.1360-1365 : табл.
Другие авторы: Thaler I., Shik V., Vortman T.; Soustiel J.F.
Williams, K. P. Screening for fetal well-being in a high-risk pregnant population comparing the nonstress test with umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry : A randomized controlled clinical trial / K.P. Williams, D.F. Farquharson, M. Bebbington. - P.1366-1371. - Bibliogr.: 20 ref. : табл.
Boulet, S. L. Macrosomic births in the United States: Determinants, outcomes, and proposed grades of risk / S.L. Boulet, G.R. Alexander, H.M. Salihu, Pass M. - P.1372-1378 : табл.
Другие авторы: Alexander G.R., Salihu H.M., Pass M.
Erkkola, R. Letters to the editors : Response of uterine and umbilical circulations to physical exercise / R. Erkkola. - P.1379
Kennelly, M. Letters to the editors : Reply / M. Kennelly. - P.1379
Sakala, K. Letters to the editors : Much research is needed to provide fully informed consent about mode of delivery / K. Sakala, M.P. Corry. - P.1380
O'Boyle, A. L. Letters to the editors : Reply / A.L. O'Boyle, G.D. Davis, B.C. Calhoun. - P.1380
Correction : The use of misoprostol as a cervical ripening agent in operative hysteroscopy. - P.1378
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